Gaios – the capital of Paxos

Gaios is the capital of the municipality and the larger village on Paxos island and a very captivating landscape. The name is Roman and given to the village by the Venetians.

The whole village along with the port is covered by two small islets, the northern and the smaller is called the Nisaki of Panagia and the southern and closer to the port is the island of Saint Nikolaos, so when you enter the port you have a feeling that you sail inside a river.

It is a perfect large natural port with lovely scenery on both sides.

From here you can hire a small speed boat, along with the captain, to explore the amazing beaches of Antipaxos a few miles south.

Lakka village at the north

Lakka is the larger village at the north tip of Paxos, a large bay and a well-protected natural port, there are many yachts mooring here, scattered inside the bay.

More villages and population of Paxos

The population of the municipality of Paxos counts 2300 inhabitants, scattered mostly in the capital Gaios and in the 18 settlements, some of which have only a couple of families.

There are some more villages in PaxosLoggos at the east coast and Magazia in the interior are the larger, also there are many smaller settlements all around the island.

Settlements are:

Antipaxos, the second island of the cluster

Moggonisi, a small island, at the south end of Paxos, separated from it by a narrow line of water, no bigger than one meter, you can walk to this island with a small jump.

Kaltsonisi, is a smaller round shaped islet just after Moggonisi, the distance between the two is only a few meters.

Nisaki of Panagia and Agios Nikolaos, are the two islands parallel to the port of capital Gaios.

Lakka, is the second in population village of Paxos, exactly at the north tip facing Corfu.

Longos or Loggos, the third bigger village on the Northeast coast.

Magazia, the fourth-largest settlement in the interior.

Other small communities are: Makratika, Ozias, Platanos, Porto, Velianitatika (or Veliantatika), Vlachopoulatika, Bogdanatika, Manesatika, Zenebissatika, Mastoratika, Anemogianatika, Apergatika, Argyratika, Arvanitakeika, Aronatika, Dalietatika, Gramatikeika and more…

All communities are named after the surname of their inhabitants.

Makratika named after Makris family, Velianitika from Velianitis, Vlachopoulatika from Vlachopoulos, Zenebissatika from Zenebissatis, Apergatika from Apergis family, Argyratika from Argyros, Arvanitakeika from Arvanitakis, Aronatika due to Aronis, Dalietatika by Dalietos, Gramatikeika by Gramatikos, Bogdanatika from Bogdanos, Manesatika from Manesis, Anemogianatika from Anemogiannis, Mastoratika from Mastoras…etc